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Hazmat Placards



USAFleetSupply offers Hazmat Placards in all classes and materials. Worded placards, blank and 4 digit placards, explosive placards, international wordless placards, stock orange panels, square on-point markings and more. We also carry Hazmat Placard accessories, kits, placard systems and placard holders. Our Hazmat Placards come in a variety of material including permanent vinyl, removable vinyl, ez-peel vinyl, tagboard, durable vinyl, aluminum and plastic.


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Our Hazmat Placard Current Best Sellers


Worded Placards - Flammable, Organic Peroxide, Non Flammable, Oxidizer, Dangerous Goods, Corrosive, More

Oxidizer Tagboard Worded Placard

Non-Flammable Gas Tagboard Worded Placard

Flammable Liquid Tagboard Worded Placard

Corrosive Tagboard Worded Placard

4 Digit Placards - Blank Combustible, Blank Corrosive, Blank Organic Peroxide, Blank Flammable Gas, More

UN1993 Combustible Liquid Stock Imprinted Placard - Tagboard

UN3265 Corrosive Stock Imprinted Placard - Tagboard

UN1325 Flammable Solid Placard - Removable Vinyl

UN1170 Flammable Liquid Placard - Removable Vinyl

Blank 4 Digit Placards - Combustible Liquid, Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods, Flammable Liquid, Inhalation, More

Blank Corrosive Placard

Blank Flammable Gas Tagboard Placard

Blank Spontaneously Combustible Placard

Blank Dangerous When Wet Placard

Explosive Placards - 1.2 C, 1.1 B, 1.1 C, 1.1 D, 1.1 E, 1.1 F, 1.1 G, 1.2 B, 1.3 C, 1.2 E, 1.2 F, 1.2 G, More

Explosives 1.2 C Placard

Explosive Class 1.2 J Placard

Explosive Class 1.4 D Placard

Explosive Class 1.4 C Placard

International Wordless Placards - Poison Toxic Gas, Radioactive, Dangerous When Wet, Flammable, More

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods Placard - Wordless

International Poison / Toxic Gas Wordless Placard

International Oxidizer Wordless Placard

International Organic Peroxide Wordless Placard

Stock Orange Panels - 1760, 3082, 3077, 1993, 1203, 2448, Orange Panel Holders, Orange Panel Numer Kit, More

1760 Stock 4-Digit Orange Panel

3077 Stock 4-Digit Orange Panel

1993 Stock 4-Digit Orange Panel

Blank Orange Panel - Removable Vinyl

Placard Kits & Accessories - Replacement Clips, Organizer Box, Placard Holder Shields, Magnetic Blanks, More

Polycoated Tagboard Placard Assortment Kit

2" Clear Film Number Kit

Explosive Placards 1.3 Removable Vinyl Kit

Roll of Imprinted Number Panels For Blank Placards

Placarding Systems - Hot Flip Placard, Holders for Rail, Flip Placard Systems, Fender Brackets, 8 Legend, More

HOT Placard with UN3257

Custom Flip Placard System with 1 Placard

Flip Placard - Dangerous, Flammable, Poison, Corrosive, Oxidizer

2 Legend Duo-Flip Placard Holder

Placard Holders - Backless, White Finish, Aluminum Finish, Split Frame, Clipped Corners, Brite Mill Finish, More

Backless Slidemaster Placard Holder

Slidemaster Split Frame with White Finish

4 Clipped Corners Slidemaster Brite Mill Finish

Clipped Corner Frame 17 Legend Flip Placard System


View our full line of Hazmat Placards


USAFleetSupply offers Hazmat Placards at the lowest price in the internet. If you find a lower price anywhere on the internet, simply let us know and we will do our best to meet it or beat it. We offer quantity pricing on all of our hazmat placards. If you do not see Quantity Pricing for your placard, please let us know and we will send you quantity pricing information.


The two most common placards in general use on vehicles are handicapped privilege tags for personal automobiles, and hazardous materials placards warning signs for commercial vehicles. There are other types, such as the "wide load" signs used when mobile homes are transported by road.

Commercial vehicle placards are of two general types, the single indicator, where in specific information of a fixed nature is displayed by the sign, such as the yellow "oxidizing agent" sign below, and the NFPA "fire diamond" style device which can be changed to depict new information as the contents of the vehicle change, and which carries information about the compound being carried, placard is similar to posters and logos, its flammability and resistance to water, for example.

We carry Hazmat Placards for Gasoline, Organic Peroxide, Non-Flammable Gas, Oxidizer, Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods, Flammable Liquid, Corrosive, Worded Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Dangerous, Flammable Solid, Spontaneously Combustible, Dangerous When Wet, Toxic Gas, Toxic, Inhalation Hazard, PG III (3), Poison, Radioactive, Oxygen and more.

We carry all UN Number Hazmat Placards, such as UN1005, UN1018, UN1075, UN1760, UN1263, UN1719, UN1789, UN1790, UN1791, UN1793, UN1805, UN1814, UN1824, UN1830, UN1863, UN1866, UN1942, UN1950, UN1956, UN1993, UN1999, UN1203, UN2031, UN2735, UN2810, UN2811, UN2922, UN2924, UN3264, UN3265, UN3266, UN3267, UN3475, UN3077, UN1325, UN3082, UN1133, UN1170, UN1210, UN1219, UN1268, UN3190 and more.

We carry Explosive Hazmat Placards in all classes, including 1, 1.1 A, 1.2 C, 1.1 B, 1.1 C, 1.1 D, 1.1 E, 1.1 F, 1.1 G, 1.2 B, 1.3 C, 1.2 E, 1.2 F, 1.2 G and more.

Our Hazmat Placard Holders are made for all types of placards, such as Flip Placards for Tankers, Flip Placards for every class. We carry Full Frame Legend Placards for Tankers and Trailers, 2 Clipped Corner Placard Holders, White Placard Holders, White Full Frame, Custom Placard Holders and much more.

Browse our Hazmat Placard catalog now. If you need help finding the right Hazmat Placard, kit, holder or accessory, please do not hesitate to ask a Hazmat Placard representative.





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